Cheryl McClamrock

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The Waking

A Fiction Novel By Cheryl McClamrock

Gianna’s life is falling apart, and as she cries herself to sleep one night, she suddenly awakens in another world. Here, she has armor, supernatural powers, and a connection with the Lord and His people unlike anything she’s experienced before.
Cheryl McClamrock

A Book You Cannot Put Down

From the mind of one of the most aspiring contemporary writers, Cheryl McClamrock. The Waking gives you a unique glimpse at a world you’ve never imagined but may find relatable.
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Land of the Unknown

Fantasy & Fiction

The Waking is an exhilarating story of Giana into the unknown world, where she faces deadly creatures and a few heroes along the way.
Why Read It

Something Special for Christmas

Here is why you should consider reading The Waking


A story that holds readers on the edge of their seats.

Religious Fantasy

If you are a God lover and also interested in the superhero genre. This is the one for you.


It is a story that shows the significance of embracing grace, redemption, and one’s true identity in Christ.


Join Gianna as she explores a bizarre world filled with nightmarish and angelic creatures and meets unlikely heroes along the way.

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Layered Story & Characters

It’s time to embrace yourself for a story filled with layered, complex characters and a story that unfolds new twists and challenges as it moves forward.

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The Author

Cheryl McClamrock

Cheryl McClamrock is a business owner, speaker, ordained minister and student of the word. Cheryl has spent most of her life learning more about God and helping people find truth and wholeness in their life.

As an author, Cheryl delves into the mechanics of creating a book by maintaining the perfect balance between religion and sci-fi, making the story more engaging. She demonstrates what can be called the “art of balancing” by offering the best of both worlds.

The Waking


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On Dreams: Part 2

he Almighty doesn’t normally audibly speak to us. He is Spirit and the language of the spirit realm is multi-faceted and multi-dimensional.

On Dreams: Part 1

Throughout Scripture, we see examples of how the Almighty speaks to His people and even unbelievers in dreams.

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More About the Book

The Waking is Cheryl’s first novel as an author and is now available on Amazon. As the book’s author, she focuses more on creativity, visualization and attractive content.

Witness the magic of Cheryl McClamrock’s work as she takes you into the imaginary world of the unknown.

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